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The Travels and Art of John Singer Sargent

Thu 17th Oct 2024 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

We will explore his ability to capture a sense of place - the atmosphere, light, colours
and textures of a land or seascape - with an intimately personal and often unusual
interpretation. Whether it be luscious pomegranates in a Spanish orchard, brilliant hues
of poppies in the Cotswolds, silver light on glistening fish in Norway, jewel-like reflections
on water in Venice or Lake Garda, or the intense sunlight and heat of Morocco and the
desert. And his most daring journey of all, in 1918 age 62, as a war artist travelling to the
war torn trenches in France.

Mary Alexander

Mary trained as an art historian and graduated with a BA Hons in History & History of Art (University College London) and later an MA (with Distinction) in History of Art (University College London).

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Venue: Arthur Morison Memorial Hall

Rowls Lane
Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9PY United Kingdom.

Oganiser: The Arts Society Blackmore Vale

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