Records of Visits made by The Arts Society Blackmore Vale

During the year we organise a number of visits to Arts and Cultural venues.

This section provides an opportunity for those taking part to record the visit with words and pictures.

Visit to the Silk Mill Whitchurch & The Bombay Gin Distillery

The Silk Mill at Whitchurch was established on the banks of the River Test in the early 1800s and has recently undergone extensive restoration. The grass upon which we were standing had been put in position the day before our visit and was perfect, green and weed-free, unlike many of ...
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Visit to A la Ronde and Sand House on Tuesday 12 June 2018

A rather in auspicious start! The coach company had experienced a major breakdown that morning causing our coach to arrive very late. But many of the gathered party took advantage of the Waitrose café and we set off in good spirits with a very cheerful driver one hour late. Fortunately ...
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